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The AC Cruz Podcast

Aug 28, 2021

AC Cruz, Mike Gonzalez and some of your favorite artists remember and share those special moments they had with Jimmy G. on what would have been his 71st birthday today. Lalo and Elida Reyna, David Lee Grarza, Isabelle Marie, Gary Hobbs, Rebecca Valadez and so many more on this special episode of the AC Cruz Podcast. 

Aug 24, 2021

We celebrate the life and legacy of late Tejano icon Emilio Navaira today, on what would have been Emilio's 59th birthday, selecting portions of interviews from the AC Cruz Podcast that feature David Lee Garza, Ram Herrera, Raulito Navaira, Destiny and Rigo Navaira, and Emilio's sons, Emilio IV and Diego,...

Aug 22, 2021

David Lee Garza de Los Musicales, Johnny Arreola de Los Palominos, Destiny and Rigo Navaira are all fans of our next guests, Grammy nominees Grupo Retoño. Join us as we go Behind the Mic with Samuel and Salomon Ramos on an all new episode of The AC Cruz Podcast.

Aug 15, 2021

Juan P. Moreno, Manuel Alvarado, Eduardo Ordoñez are not a new group on the Conjunto scene. They were the original Chamacos! After 30 years they've teamed up and ready to hit the road, to recreate that unmistakable sound and show that is Juan P., Meme y Chato they are Los Amigos!!! On another episode of The AC Cruz...

Aug 8, 2021

Her name is Kary Karina educator by day, Tejano entertainer by night. From Eagle Pass Texas this school teacher has been singing since she was a little girl and thanks to her older brothers and a little persuasion from their Dad they made space for her in their band. On this episode we go Behind the Mic with Kary Karina...