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Cruz Control with AC Cruz Behind the Mic

Sep 27, 2020

With a PhD in Education and Organizational Leadership, Dr. Patsy Torres is an “edutainer” who blends her scholarly knowledge with her unique musical talents to offer one-of-a-kind programs that mixes her dialogue with inspiring and uplifting shows.
Considered a pillar of the Hispanic community, Dr....

Sep 20, 2020

He started off with a two man band called The Bad Boys. In 1988 he would join Los Dinos singing, dancing, writing hit songs for Selena! On this episode we go Behind the Mic with the award-winning singer-songwriter Pete Astudillo.

Sep 13, 2020

He's more than a singer-songwriter, more than a multi-instrumentalist, more than a producer and more than a three time Grammy nominee...he's one of tejano music's most in demand all around player. Don't miss this episode of the Cruz Control Podcast as we go Behind the Mic with Gabriel Zavala.

Aug 9, 2020

At 17 years old, she's already been named The My Tejano music awards top female artist, Tejano Music Awards Best New Female Artist and nominated in three categories for Album, Song of the Year and more. Don't miss this episode of the Cruz Control Podcast with AC Cruz as we go Behind the Mic with Isabel Marie...

Aug 2, 2020

Sonja De La Paz, some may call her a newcomer but she's been around for a while now. She's #1 on the top 20 for the past two weeks, with her debut single "Contigo" written, produced, arranged even the video was done by her and her husband. She sits down to chat with AC to explain everything on this episode, get ready to...